Kamis, 19 April 2018

Bussines English 2

Motivation Letter

April 19, 2018

The Graduate Scholarship Committee
University Of Tokyo
In place

Let me introduce myself. My name is Farhan Muhammad Rievkha Adyatma, the 4rd year student in Gunadarma University majoring information system.
My education history at junior high school at SMPN 146 jakarta, then I continue my study to high school at SMAN 89 jakarta. At the time smp I have started to like the computer, so until this moment I choose the department of information systems at the university gunadarma.
I started my bachelor's degree in bogor university, but because I did not accept it I went to Gunadarma University, and I continue to play this computer by choosing Department of Information System at Gunadarma University.
After I was educated for nearly 3 years at Gunadarma University, I have started to have capabilities in various computer languages ​​of pascal, cobol, java, php and others. At college I have a friend named haikal zamzami, he is very fond of anime from japan, therefore i am interested in japan with very sophisticated technology and its population is very orderly, so i want to continue my S2 study to japan country, with chooses univeristas in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, there is a university called The university of Tokyo. I would like to take a master's degree (S2) from the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics (Hons) Msci. I am proud to be able to continue my studies there to take knowledge there and applied to my homeland th

Thank you for your attention


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